Exceptional 1-On-1 makeup artist Training For Emerging Artists



At Face To Face we create a meaningful learning experience in a fun, positive environment for all artists.  We offer a high level of supportive training to educate you on essentials you'll need to master your art.  We work with you one-on-one or in small groups to give you personalized attention and helpful feedback.  This allows for more focus on your unique needs and direction toward your goals.

Our classes start out with an informative, interactive discussion, and a detailed education on the theme of the day.  We then demonstrate a complete look for you while we explain our technique, and product usage as we go.  Questions and opinions are encouraged anytime during this session. 

The next stage will be your Active Makeup Session. This is when you will be asked to complete a similar look related to the theme.  We always offer hands on guidance to help you with product and tool choices, while helping you build stronger artistry skills.  You'll receive honest helpful feedback at every stage of your application. 


Most of our classes are approximately 4-5 hours long, with a 45 min break in between. We offer day and evening course options.  

Our regular course schedule is Sun-Tue, with alternating day/eve courses offered.  We'll generally start at  either 11a or 4p, depending on the course offered.  Please see our current Course Schedule for a list of currently published courses.


For those who are unable to attend our regular Sun-Tue courses, we're often able to create a special program for you Wed-Sat.  


 We currently host our classes at the exclusive hair studio of M. Scott Salon, located in the lively 9th and 9th area of Salt Lake City.  This is a comfortable and intimate environment which is an ideal space for our small group classes. 

In the studio, we provide you with full access to our Beauty Bar which is stocked with professional products in a range of colors for all skin tones.  We offer a variety of popular palettes and supplies for your use to help you succeed in creating any look.  We frequently update our kit with new and exciting products to inspire your imagination.

This is a unique benefit to those that are still building their professional kit and a great way to test out some products that might be new to you.

In addition, we offer studio lighting and a backdrop area so our students can take several "professional style" photos, to document their looks.  You might post them to Instagram or possibly use them to start a professional portfolio.  Either way, be sure to bring a charged cell phone or personal camera. 


You will need to bring your own set of brushes. While you don't need to have every type of brush, you'll want to have a few options for each feature of the face. We'll always have extra brushes to use in our studio if you're missing something important. 

Bring a brand new black mascara.  You'll want to have a fresh eyelash mascara that you designate for your kit use only.  We supply disposable mascara wands to keep with sanitation practices. 

In addition to accessing our Beauty Bar, you'll want to bring any makeup and products you would use in your own business or that you simply can't live without.  A few examples might be your favorite foundations, eye primer or an amazing palette with the perfect colors. You can never have too much makeup... right?

Feel free to bring a beverage, snack or lunch.  Also, there are plenty of coffee shops and food options in the neighborhood for your convenience.


Option 1:

Arrange for a model to be available at the studio for about 2 hours during your Active Makeup Session. Most artists ask friends or relatives to be their model for the day.  The benefit is that you'll be familar with the features of the model you'll be working on. 

Option 2:

In some instances, students prefer to model for each other. This works especially well in a group setting and also gives you a little extra education time. Please note that your session time will be longer when you choose this option.

In case you're  unable to find a model, we'll do our best to find someone for you. We are always looking for volunteers! 

Please reach out to us with any concerns or questions. 


Q: How Do I Become a Makeup Artist?

A: There is an interesting article on the topic published by Backstage Magazine you might read.  

Q: Alright, but can you just tell me how to become a professional makeup artist? 

A: Here's a short list of things you can start doing now, to get you going in the right direction. 

1. Practice a new technique or new style as often as you can, even if it's on yourself.  Keep practicing until you're confident with your application.  Always work on new techniques and update your style. 

2. Offer to do makeup on friends and family. Post your work to social media.  This tells people you're serious about becoming a pro.  Post quality makeup looks, 1-3 times a week. 

3. Inquire with photographers about doing a trade for photos.  This means you will work for free, but the benefit is that you'll get professional quality photos for your portfolio.  Remember that beginner photographers are trying to build a portfolio too. 

4. Reach out to established artists and ask if you can assist them with any upcoming jobs.  Again, this might be another free assignment,  but the real life experience will be priceless.  

5. Make a good impression and always be professional.  This is how people will want to hire you or recommend you for paid work.  Keep building relationships with people that you can collaborate with such as: hairdressers, photographers and other makeup artists just to name a few. 

6. Never stop practicing, learning and seeking education.  As a makeup artist, it's imperative to stay up to date and keep your mind open to new inspirations throughout your entire career. 

Q: Why don't you offer a starter makeup kit? 

A:  Starter kits can cost quite a lot of money upfront and are seldom filled with products you want, need, or even like. Your kit, with all your magic tools, will be an important and ongoing investment throughout your entire career. This is best created with hand-picked items that YOU want and love to use. Being a professional means you are in control of the makeup that you work with and believe in. This is by far the most cost effective option, and is customized to your needs. Luckily, choice and options have never been better to mix and match your kit with different, exciting brands. 

Q: Will I receive an official certificate/certification? 

A:  This question is answered in the article  recommended above. I realize there is a lot of conflictiing information out there on this topic. While certifications do show you have put in the time and effort to complete a makeup course they are not necessary, or official in any capacity for makeup artists. Certifications are generally given to anyone who attends and pays for a course, but they don't really certify anything but your attendance.  Remember that your portfolio is the most important "certification" you can show. Before making a decision on your education, I recommend you research credible sources for an informed opinion on this topic. 

Q: But won't a certificate allow me to get "pro cards" from cosmetic companies? 

A: Yes and no. Some companies offer a student discount card which is usually about 20%. In order to receive an actual pro card, with brands like Makeup Forever and M.A.C (each of whom offer a 40% discount at this level), you need to be actively working professionally as an MUA and be able to submit proof with official documentation. A certificate is not proof you are currently an active, professional MUA. Since we are not a school, the student discount benefit is not something we can offer. Again, please research this topic to be well informed on the pro qualifications for each brand. 

Q: Can I just watch tutorials and teach myself how to do makeup? 

A: Yes. You can teach yourself to do almost anything, but the level of expertise you can reasonably attain via self-instruction is questionable.  Some people are especially gifted in this art,  but the truth is that most people benefit through quality education, mentoring and guidance to truly attain a professional standard. This applies to all careers and professions.  A short list would include actors, chefs, fitness trainers, fashion designers, photographers, hair stylists... and professional makeup artists. 

There are other ways you can get quality training as an artist. For instance, working for a cosmetic company that has a focus within our industry is a perfect way to learn knowledge quickly with company-provided training and education.  It's also the ideal skill-builder to work on a variety of people and their various features and skin types daily. You'll also be able to work with other artists like yourself who share the same passion, and can inspire and guide you with their own unique knowledge. 

Of course, let's not forget about the added benefit of being able to build up your kit with your employee discount! 

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