Exceptional 1-On-1 makeup artist Training For Emerging Artists

our Key Artist, founder and principal instructor

Suzanne Agis

Our Key Artist Suzanne Agis is a 20+ year make-up artist and worked for M.A.C from 1995 thru 2013. She has been teaching professional make-up courses with regional academies for 10+ years and is a noted expert in bridal, runway, editorial, and studio make-up.

As the founder of Face to Face Makeup Art and Education, she's driven to offer a superior learning experience, gleaned from her wealth of experience in teaching and her work as a professional make-up artist. 

She's served as the Key Makeup Artist at M. Scott Salon for 5+ years and has performed many Bridal and Evening-Out client services with considerable acclaim. A recent assignment with KUED-TV engaged her in teaching and mentoring their studio/field staff in makeup application techniques.


"From the most natural look to a complete artistic concept, I have a good understanding for the spectrum of beauty, art and fashion.  My technical eye for color, texture and details, is a talent I've refined for 25 years as a makeup artist".

Inspired. Dedicated. Professional.

I want to help you reach your artistic potential with professionalism, experience, and modern ideas. 

I believe everyone can be an innovator at any skill level. 


Reach For The Stars

“All art is unstable. Its meaning is not necessarily that implied by the author. There is no authoritative voice. There are only multiple readings.“

David Bowie